Limpopo Line

LIMPOPO LINE (1989) Documentary. 40 minutes. Directed by Simon Bright.Produced by Ingrid Sinclair. Distribution; TV sales to ITV  UK, CBC Canada, Discovery Channel USA, Namibian TV. A Zimmedia production.

In 1989 apartheid South Africa was fuelling a horrifying civil war in Mozambique. Railway lines, roads and pipelines were blown up to prevent the black-ruled states of the interior, like Zimbabwe, from transporting vital goods to and from the Indian Ocean. Director Simon Bright and his Mozambican crew travelled on the first train since the beginning of this war to complete the journey from Zimbabwe through to Maputo Port on the Mozambican coast, despite being ambushed on the way. The train finally pulls into Maputo through the suburbs to the docks to the rousing sound of Mozambican Makwayela music.  

Continuing the transnational collaboration of Corridors of Freedom, the production team combined a Mozambican DOP, sound operator and editor; with a Zimbabwean producer and director. In terms of shooting style, Limpopo Line is closer to the guerrilla filmmaking of Third Cinema (Solanas,F. and Getino, O. 1970 pp. 1-10; Chanon,M.,1983) with fluid mobile on the shoulder camera movement dictated by the constraints and opportunities of filming in a war zone.