Mama Africa

MAMA AFRICA  (2001) Fiction series 6 X 26 minutes Directed by: Raja Amari, Fanta Nacro, Ngozi Onwurah, Zulfah Otto Sallies, Bridget Pickering, Ingrid Sinclair. Series Executive Producer Simon Bright for Zimmedia; Wendy Lidell for Winstar Productions. 

Mama Africa a Pan African series featured female writer/directors from Tunisia, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa. The directors were free to choose their own stories. The intention was to show the rich diversity of story telling, cultures and filmmaking styles across the Africa. It once again extended the transnationalism of our filmmaking with a co-production partner in the US and co-production with the anglophone African pay TV channel Mnet , PBS in the US as well as Arte in France and Germany. 

The project was launched at the Sitenghi Film and TV market in Cape Town, but it was also selected for the No Borders Program at the Independent Feature Film Market (IFFM) in New York and the Cinemart market of the International Film Festival of Rotterdam. A major theme of my research is to investigate the ways that film festivals and film markets become vital incubators for new projects bringing together transnational partnerships, which would be impossible to develop by filmmakers remaining within the boundaries of the nation state.